Student – A Stroke of Magic

a stroke of magic | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Poonya Tunkakutiya, Yasmin Alansari, Dante Cameron, Chanapa Kerdlapee, Bryce Kadash Shira Sterling, Sarah Clifton, Adria Grayham
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Spring 2022
Engine: Unreal
Award: Best 3D game, Entelechy 2022
Play the demo:

Genre: Puzzle/escape-the-room

Description: Stroke of Magic is a Quest 2 puzzle exploration game – Trapped in Ezala: School of Chromatic Sorcery, you must use the help of a mysterious talking paintbrush to draw your way out. Paint spells directly onto magical surfaces, and unlock new hues of magic as you explore the campus!


  • 3 colorful environments to explore!
  • Paint magic directly onto surfaces to solve magical puzzles
  • Multiple hues of magic to master: use conductive paint to connect and power devices, and fill the dots with verdant paint to grow huge plants!
  • Fun physics interactions with various objects
  • A quippy paintbrush companion to guide the way to magical greatness!