BOOM ancestral

Garage collective | BOOM Ancestral

Client: Garage Collective
Published: Unpublished Android Prototype
Role: 2D Artist, Programming (Java/Processing)

Boom Ancestral is a spoof of the classic Doom Game. Entirely written in Java, using the Processing IDE, it showcase the capacities of the language when it come to 3D games.

I also programmed a 2D level editor allowing the creation of custom maps (again, to demonstrate the usefulness of Arrays to students).

It was meant to be an “applied” 3D game example to demonstrate to my students that they can indeed program games using their knowledge of Java and Processing (a language that I teach in my Core Principles of Programming class) and that Java/Processing can deliver fluid, high FPS action.

Weirdly enough, it is actually the first iteration of the game that would become Theta Legion, in VR.