Hard Rock – Winter Thunderland

Hard Rock | Winter thunderland

Client: Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park
Campaign: Concept
Role: Creative Director
Design: Jordan Kabalka/Dwayne Wegley
Copy: Keller Reeves


slide1 Welcome to the Winter Thunderland, where grown-ups don’t fear the bite of cold, and where Stieg Wolfpowder reigns supreme.

To celebrate their Winter promotion, we advised Hard Rock Northfield Park to own the season, and go where no other casino has gone: in the tongue-in-cheek territory!

We created a fake spokesperson for a fictional rock band, Stieg Wolfpowder, the stereotypical “tough dude” that laughs in the face of harsh winters, and that will let nothing spoil his fun.

This opened opportunities to have a lot of fun with over-the-top copy and visuals while sticking to the irreverent DNA of the Hard Rock brand.

We explored several voice options for the 30′ radio spot, including the following two:


Visually, we explored a bold, almost logo-like treatment for the promotion. The look and feel of the various pieces is resolutely modern, while alluding to the harsh conditions of Cleveland winters.

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