Isles of Drakken Ridge VR

Garage collective | isles of drakken ridge VR

Client: Garage Collective
Published: Quest 2 – work in progress
Role: 3D+2D Artist, Level and Game Design

You are part of the ARCHMAGUS order.

The Archmagi are powerful wizards that enforce the ethos of the Kingdom of Aquaria, a world composed mostly of small islands lost in a vast ocean. This is a world of Elemental magic, bound by the Creed, a set of rules that legislate the usage of magic and mostly forbids the usage of Dark magic and necromancy.

Five powerful Island Lords have rebelled against the creed of Aquaria and are threatening to awaken old Gods. An act of mutiny on a global scale that cannot go unpunished. You have now tracked the renegade Lords to Dragon Ridge, a series of islands rumored to be abundant in riches, powerful magic, and ancient terrors…

Core GamePlay

  • Cast spells using ancient runes.
  • Use black powder guns and rifles.
  • Use melee weapons (Swords, axes, maces, daggers).
  • Throw spears or use bows and arrows.
  • Explore, solve puzzles and manipulate your environment.
  • Create new spells by mixing different essences.
  • Change the Fate of Aquaria by fulfilling the main quest and a trove of side-quests.

Video preview

Images (work in progress)