Student – Nadia

Nadia | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Destini Marshal, Costin Schelling, Tabby Phillips, Nick Panichelli, Reid Parker, Lauren Collins, Jasper Gau, Angelica De La Cruz, Hailey Sorn-ampai, Dinah Grant
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Spring 2021 (COVID 19 remote class)
Engine: Unreal

Genre: Adventure/Stealth/Puzzle

Description: Set in 1910’s Russia, play as a young girl named Nadia as she finds her home under siege from Red Army soldiers during the Russian Civil War.
Due to the upheaval, Nadia experiences an awakening of her telekinetic powers, and must learn to control them in order to escape alive with her family.


  • Explore sections of an Invaded Estate and
    experience glimpses of the terror worming
    its way into Nadia’s life.
  • Evade and Outwit Enemies trying to stop
    you by distracting them, hiding, and
    triggering traps.
  • Solve Puzzles to unlock new rooms and
    unravel details about the Red Army Attack
    on Nadia’s Family.
  • Develop Nadia’s newly discovered
    telekinetic abilities throughout the night in
    order to escape alive.