SCAD GDN | Persepolis

Event: SCAD Student Game Challenge
Role: Programmer/2D artist

The student-managed Game Development Network organizes a quarterly game design challenge, based on randomized prompts. I took the habit of submitting an entry at least once a year, to motivate students to participate. For this particular iteration, the prompts were:

  • Cultural aesthetic: Persian
  • Fictional genre: High Fantasy
  • Game genre: Metroidvania
  • Music genre: R&B

the game is a 1 or 2 player brawler game inspired by towerfall.
you play as a queen warrior (think zenobia) and have to prove your worth under the watchful eye of a lamassu, a protective deity.

the game is prototyped using processing, a java-based programming language.
it uses all the functions, concepts and knowledge covered in itgm 220. I thought it would be educational for students who are interested in taking the class to see what can be done with the language in terms of prototyping.