Student – Codename Indigo

Codename indigo | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Bradley Pujala, Nicolas Armstrong, Maxwell Neilson, Christian Chojnacki, Stefano Abad, Toby Cruse
Professors: Aram Cookson/Cyril Guichard
Class: Applied Game Design, Studio II & III – Fall/Spring 2019
Engine: Unreal
Awards: Best 3D Game, Entelechy 2019 / Best Sound, Geek End 2019 / Best Gameplay, Geek End 2019 / Golden Thumbs Up

Genre: VR First Person Action Game
Description: Codename Indigo is a Virtual Reality (VR) game that draws heavy inspiration from Film Noir, 70/80s spy movies, and comic books. You play as one of 3 secret agent sent to dangerous missions : Indigo, an exhilarating car chase, Maroon, a mind puzzling space adventure, and Bianco, an almost free-wheeling rampage through a casino.

Extended Credits: Ashton Faydenko, Ryan de Geus, Collin Peck, Ryan Sullivan, Sara Stafford, Kannon Rickell, Maretta Zilic, Masun Stander, Haley Jones