Student – Cor Domus

Cor Domus | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Amir Ahmadi, Kenneth Mayer, Shelby Merill, Haley Nettleton, Hugo Pereira, Hayley Schmelzer, Skipper Stow
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Winter/Spring 2019
Engine: Unity
Awards: Best in Show, SCAD Game Jam 2019 (out of class) / Best of Georgia nominee (out of class)

Genre: Puzzle/Adventure
Description: Cor Domus is Co-Op Puzzle game that explores the highs and lows of a newly-formed relationship.

  • A special someone fills you with life, recharges you. But when you’re apart… all you want to do is come back together! In Cor Domus the same holds true, as both player’s health replenishes when they’re close and drain when they’re distanced.
  • Like in the best relationships, one player complements the other. You can’t barrel through the mountain on your own. Discovering what each of you can do, and how you can combine your skills to solve puzzles slowly builds and strengthen your relationship.
  • The environment is not the only thing in your way. In addition to the puzzles, you and your partner must also thwart the advances of other creatures trying to pull you apart. These creatures are so desperate to have someone near and you can help show them that the ones they need may also be nearby…