Student – Hero Bureau

Hero Bureau| SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Will McGowan, Matt Hilton, Jay Burns, Angie Yi, CJ Redondo, Cabal Kenyon, Galen Pischke
Professor: Cyril Guichard/Jack Mamais
Class: Studio II & III – Winter/Spring 2018
Engine: Unreal
Awards: Best Game Trailer, Entelechy 2018 / Golden Thumbs Up

Genre: Multiplayer Brawler
Description: Are you a team player or a lone wolf? Do you want to stop the bad guy or be the bad guy? Team up with your superfriends to put an end to your nemesis and his army of killer robots. Only by banding together can you hope to make your way through the lair of the nefarious Brain and stop his plans for world domination. Or choose evil! Play as the villain to annihilate the heroes before they can reach you and prove to everyone once and for all how fricking dope you are.