Student – Rogue Rodent

Rogue Rodent | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Dylan Klimek, Darrien Blanchard, Kira Kirkson, Angeal Crawford, Jordan Smith, Travis Batchelor, Eduardo Cardin, Micheal French, John Washington
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Spring 2020 (COVID 19 remote class)
Engine: Unreal

Genre: Metroidvania / 2.5D sidescroller

Extended credits:
Jessica Bearden, Megan Grochau, Aja Weary, Aeisha Cirunay, Brynne Reilly, Dara Insixiengmay, Sanda Gavriliuc, Antonio Rivera.


In Rogue Rodent you play as Mousse the Mouse, a knight of the Rat King who has one
mission in mind: defy your orders.
During this period of turmoil in the late 1800s, the Rat King awaits you as you crawl through the sewers all across Paris to bring back the ingredients necessary to create a concoction powerful and fatal enough to bring forth a cholera epidemic and destroy the humans.

You must use your magic nail gun to kill enemy mice, create climbable surfaces, and meet the Rat King in the kitchen to bring back the ingredients and make the ultimate choice of either avenging your family or helping the Rat King finish off the humans during this bloodyweek.