Student – Zoelie


Team: over 40 students
Professor: Cyril Guichard (Creative Director) & Jack Mamais (Producer)
Class: Studio II & III – Spring 2020 (COVID 19 remote class)
Engine: Unreal
Awards: Rookie Awards 2020 (Game of the Year, Highly Commended)

Genre: Adventure

Description: In order to explore new avenues to develop collaborative content, the SCAD
ITGM department organized a two-quarter (20 weeks) collaborative class, under
the supervision of two professors: Jack Mamais as acting Producer and Cyril
Guichard as acting Creative Director on the project.

While all students were invited to apply, the selection of the enrolled students was
made on interview and portfolio review, following the recruitment philosophy of a
mid-size Independent studio. Students followed the Agile method and the main
milestones for the project were aligned with the two weeks sprints.

A team of 39 students was then broken down into four specialty teams:
Core to handle coding and in-engine implementation of gameplay and
technical assets
Integration to create art assets and implement them in-engine
Research and Development to spearhead art direction research and look
Support to be responsible for game design, overseeing the Agile/Scrum
process and provide support and guidance to the other teams