Two Kingdoms Heroes

garage collective | Two Kingdoms Heroes

Client: Garage Collective
Published: Prototype
Role: Art Director/Lead Artist/Main coder

Two Kingdoms Heroes is a personal “in-progress” project. Several prototypes have been built for various platforms such as Nintendo DS, Playstation portable, mobile and lately, Facebook.

A lot of assets have been already been created – the game currently counts more than 600 tiles, several animated character and monsters, a dozens of mapped environments and dungeons, etc.

Rather than show only screenshots, I included in this portfolio a simplified pitch presenting the game as a Facebook game.

sc1 sc2 sc3 sc5 sc8 twoKingdomsHeroes1 twoKingdomsHeroes2 twoKingdomsHeroes3 twoKingdomsHeroes4 twoKingdomsHeroes5