Ubi Soft Imagine Town

ubisoft | imagine town

Client: Ubisoft
Published: 2010
Role: Art Studio Supervisor/Lead UX/UI designer

Imagine Town is a browser MMORPG for tween girls. They get to role-play professions in a kid-friendly and very hip environment.

As a studio supervisor, my first task on the project was to help scope the project and extract the vision for the game from the client. I then produced a simplified game design document that we used to define a list of deliverable for an Alpha 1 Milestone.

All creative resources on both the studio and client sides reported to me. I worked closely with producers to assure various milestones deliveries and made sure the game was on scope and on time. I was also in charge of documenting and presenting the Milestones deliverables to the client.

I bridged the creative department with the Dev department, providing creative solutions to potential technical problems, while supervising the UX/UI team and the Game Design team.

At the end of the project, I produced extensive documentation on the various art pipelines to make the project ready for a hand-over to a Ubisoft internal team.

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