Wind Creek – More Jackpots for the people campaign

wind creek | more jackpots campaign

Client: Wind Creek casinos
Campaign: April 2014
Role: Creative Director
Design: Dwayne Wegley
Copy: Andy Layton

Wind Creek Casinos asked us to find a theme for their April promotion. We wanted to make a significant impact on the customers, and spent a fair deal reading through research. We identified that Casino users wish to win more often, even if it involves lesser amounts.

We crafted a campaign on the concept that consumers, all over Alabama, would organize themselves as a grass-roots movement demanding more Jackpots and that the More Jackpots for the people was the answer to this pseudo-political uprising.

The look and feel for the campaign is heavily based on the colors, symbols, and even the voice of presidential campaigns of old.

Two TV spots would deliver the pseudo political message, and a lot of guerrilla marketing elements (buttons, hats, lawn signs, etc) where shipped to convey the illusion furthermore.

(Before launch, the main campaign slogan was renamed “more Cha-ching for the people” to avoid legal implications that the casino may have tweaked the pay line of their machines to deliver more jackpots)

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