Student – Dark Skies of WillowTown

Dark skies of willowtown | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Ben Broer, Seth Butler, Liana Cannon, James Harris, Leo Leon, Sasha L’vov, Ariana Santos, Jason Scalfano, Phineas Schulman, Tanner Wells, Keyi Yang, Jingkun Zhang
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Spring 2022
Engine: Unreal
Award: 2nd place Best 3D game, Entelechy 2022

Genre: Third Person Adventure


DARK SKIES of WILLOWTOWN combines elements of  mystery, adventure, and challenging combat, Dark Skies of Willowtown aims to bridge the gap between combat focused Souls-likes, and narrative focused RPGs, resulting in an experience that is suspenseful, satisfying, and emotionally connected.

A Master Witchhunter, Wald, and his young apprentice, Thilo, are on a hunt. As the sun sets, they’re forced to stay the night in an isolated mining village, Willowtown.

When dawn breaks, Wald is nowhere to be found. Thilo must investigate the peculiar town, search for clues, and unearth what crawls beneath.

Use your wits, skills, and weapons as a witchhunter to find Wald. Unravel the mystery of Willowtown and face the horrors that lurk below… and beyond.