Hard Rock Tulsa Natural Born Thriller TV

hard rock | natural born thriller tv

Client: Hard Rock Tulsa
Campaign: Halloween 2014
Role: Creative Director

To promote the Halloween mini game created for Hard Rock Tulsa, we shot a live-action 30′ TV spot, aired in Oklahoma during the month of October, right before the Living Dead TV show.

The concept of the game was to use Halloween huge Hard Rock party as a way to bring back dead musicians to life, something that feels completely connected to the Hard Rock brand.

The spot features a zombie 50’s greaser, styled like a young Elvis, driving away in a pink Cadillac, while a zombie hand burst out of the road, holding a mobile phone featuring our game.

The spot includes in-camera/green screen special effects (the hand bursting out of the road) as well as digital effects and mate painting (that I created).

I supervised every step of the process, and it was one of the most exciting and interesting project I’ve been part of this year.

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