Hello! | a few words about my classes

Hello! :)While I have pages that explain the content of each class I’ve taught, or that I am currently teaching, I thought I would present quickly the modus operandi here 🙂

Studio 1 | Solo projects

In this class, students tackle a personal project for the 10 weeks duration of the class. They select something that will strengthen their portfolio in their chosen specialty. After a short period of guided pre-production/research, I help them layout their delivery schedule (while hitting some class milestones such as rough render/greyboxing/prototyping (depending on the nature of the project) – full art vertical slice, etc.

I operate both as a producer and art director, both providing them Art or Design feedback, as well as guiding them through the production phase, helping them to descope their project if need be, etc…

Studio 2 & 3 | Team projects

In this classes, students organize in teams often between 7 and 15, and tackle a group project, usually on 2 times 10 weeks. After validation of their project pitch, and a short guided pre-production phase, they work at delivering a complete vertical slice of their vision, while following the Agile/Scrum methodology. Later, for the second step of the class, while expanding the content for their game, they also create a trailer, marketing material, etc.

In these classes, I operate as a Stakeholder and Creative Director, providing guidance on a variety of topics, ranging from Lighting, Art, Design to Trailer organization, etc. I also help them navigate the complications of working as a team, on often ambitious projects completed on a pretty aggressive timeline 🙂

SPECIAL PROJECTS | Team projects

From time to time, SCAD also offers wider collaborative opportunities via “special projects” classes. The last I participated to, acting as a creative director on the project, was a team of 40 students coming together to make the game Zoelie, which ended up winning the Intel Game Showcase, and covered by several press sites.

board Game design | core principles of game design

While this class can sometimes be “lecture-heavy” as we define the core principles of game design, the final project sees teams of 5 students band together to create a board game prototype, as close as possible to “full production value” …in 4 weeks!

Assets are professionally printed, minis sculpted, etc. The last 2 classes, the prototypes are playtested, and students write a collective post-mortem.

Closing words

I hope this selection reflects the talent of the students I had the privilege to mentor! It is a real pleasure to be interacting with such a talented and passionate bunch every day.

Cyril Guichard