Lost Outpost

garage collective | lost outpost

Client: Garage Collective
Published: December 2013
Role: Creative Director/2D/UI artist

The Outpost franchise consists of 3 “survival/horror” top-down shooters, made in Flash.

The first game, Outpost: Haven was released December 31st, 2011. Since then, it has reached over 7 million players and is still accessed daily by thousands of users all over the world.

The second game, Outpost: Swarm keeps the high-action “Swarm mode” already present in Haven with new maps and a co-op AI while shedding the Story mode.

The sequel, Outpost2: Stranded is currently finished and on Steam Greenlight.

The Outpost franchise has, so far, engaged more than 15 million players.

You can read more about Outpost on my Blog> http://www.luxgames.net/blog/?tag=outpost

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