Student – Faith


Team: Taina Chavez, Chifeng Wu, Pablo Noyola, Brayden Mann, Richon Watson, Vincent Cornell
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Spring 2020 (COVID 19 remote class)
Engine: Unreal

Genre: Metroidvania / 2.5D sidescroller

It was a day like any other, Faith and her brother Hayden happily playing in the woods. He stumbled upon the Goddesses shrine and everything was enveloped in a bright light. The Goddess’s attendants recognized the power that slept inside him and took Hayden while Faith was thrown to the dogs. Or rather, the Twisted.

Fight against these abhorrent creatures and discover powers as you play as Faith and climb your way up to rescue your brother.  There’s no knowing what the Goddess is up to, so make sure each step forward is taken with care.

    • Explore a deep world full of mysteries by using traditional (and new) platforming techniques

    • Battle enemies using your trusty wooden sword or attack them from a distance by hitting them with your yo-yo

    • Use light platforms to create new footholds and explore areas that seem out of reach

    • Collect and equip different pendants that give you unique abilities to aid you on your quest

    • Dash through difficult situations or stand strong against your twisted foes