Student – Needlepoint

needlepoint | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Logan McClure, Mackenzie Patrick, Monica Benya, Aidan Quigley, Caitlyn Mowry
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Winter/Spring 2019
Engine: Unity
Awards: Best Art, Geek End 2019 / Best Story, Geek End 2019 / Golden Thumbs Up

Genre: Action/Plateform
Description: A tapestry depicting a pond is woven by four animals: A frog, a bat, a spider
and a moth. Each served an important role in the tapestry’s creation, and working in
unison they created an entire world for animals to inhabit. Over generations, the
animals began to neglect the tapestry, causing frayed cloth and an
unstable environment. Seeing the fear the state of the tapestry caused, the spiders
took power by using the moths as a scapegoat. They banished the moths to edge of
the fraying tapestry, and rose as the sole rulers of the world, claiming they were the
“True weavers” of the original tapestry. You play as the moth who will prove the
innocence of the moths and overthrow the unjust spider queen.

Extended Credits: Konner Howell, Antonio Muniz, Carl Dong, Caitlyn Molnar, Colin Filgate, Courtney Brewer, Diego Pena, Eric Veltre, Hilly Chua, Hannah Randall, Jess Findish, Peter Kerkvliet, Taylor Saunders, Shannon Hallstein, Benjamin Morgan, Rebekah Myers, Meng-Kuei Chang, Kevin Todd, Nick Chmil