Student – Palm Dreams

Palm Dreams | SCAD Studio II & III

Team: Antonio Gil, Bailey Wheatland, Sukrit Tanticharoenkiat, Francis Curtin, Grey Hoffman, Brandon Greenawalt, Colton Olds, Steven Armstrong, Emilio Marullo, Justin Verschure, Justin Skiles
Professors: Cyril Guichard / Jack Mamais
Class: Studio II & III – Winter/Summer 2018
Engine: Unreal
Awards: Best in Show, Entelechy 2018 / Golden Thumbs Up

Genre: Puzzle/Plateform
Description: From time immemorial, the islands of this tropical land have been protected by its guardian: the Sentient Palm Tree. But all is not well in paradise; the Volcano and its minions have awakened, threatening to bring flames and ruin to the Palm Tree’s idylic home. With an arsenal of powerful coconuts, you must traverse the islands, stop the Volcano’s impending eruption, and preserve the peace of this tranquil world.