Student – Dino Batter


Team: Gannon Faust Jaspering, Edil Ostolaza, Brieana Hobert
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Studio II & III – Winter/Spring 2016
Engine: Unreal
Awards: Best 3D game, Entelechy 2016 / Golden Thumbs Up

Genre: 3D Plateform/Action
Description: In a time where dinosaurs chilled at the beach, one dinosaur and his best friend, a flamingo, must beat back the invading meteor menace.

Earth is inhabited by dinosaurs who have evolved to a utopian society, but just as someone is about the break out the Dinoritas, meteors from deep space strike earth. These meteors are looking for a new place to relax, and earth’s white sandy beaches seem like the perfect spot.

Dino Batter is a Third Person deflection based action game. You play as Danny, a dinosaur whose best friend is Pete, a flamingo. When Meteors fire at you, you use Pete as a bat to deflect their shots right back at them (Don’t worry, Pete’s pretty cool about the whole thing).