Student – Milky Way Mayhem

Milky way mayhem | SCAD CORE Principles Game design

Team: Marshal Larson, Seaver Johnston, Joey Gadd, Tessa Brown, Lauren Rogers
Professor: Cyril Guichard
Class: Core Principles of Game Design – Spring 2023

Genre: Third Person Plateforming and combat


The game is a 2v2 competition where you are trying to get a crystal in the middle of the board to Activate the generators (the corner spaces) of the spaceship before your opponents do. The first team to activate both of their generators win.

You can help your teammates and troll the other team, and vice versa. The basic mechanic of the game is that players play cards in order to perform actions, but this must be done with a card that determines which spaces these actions are applicable to. Each space has a color and a symbol on it, which is how this is determined.