Calder – Sunny 305

calder casino | sunny 305 campaign

Client: Calder Casino
Campaign: Unreleased (concept)
Role: Creative Director
Design: Jordan Kabalka
Copy: Philip Laue/Kevin Zengel

Calder Casino is located near Miami, FL and is surrounded by huge competing brands. We pitched a campaign that would leverage their “local” quality, something that only them could own.

We put together a campaign, Sunny 305, that would maximize the local impact through the use of clever guerrilla tactics, and provide as many opportunities for floor traffic as possible.

The campaign was build around a 4 weeks sweepstakes, that would allow players to interact with the brand at the property itself, but also all over town, for a chance to win a convertible Audi A3.

We leveraged this big promotion to also distillate some brand messaging, and speak to the local crowd.
A big part of our vision was to use quarterly “big” promotions to create traffic, but also establish a proper voice for the Calder brand.

We mocked up a TV ad, that would be built as a “public service announcement” reminding customers how to use a convertible roof, which they may have forgot since it’s always sunny in Florida.

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