Hard Rock Tulsa New Year’s Eve

hard rock | new year’s eve invite

Client: Hard Rock Tulsa
Campaign: December 2014
Role: Creative Director
Design: Jordan Kabalka, Myself
Copy: Andy Layton

Hard Rock Tusla tasked us to conceive a high-impact invitation for their New Year’s Eve party.
We explored various concepts, and ultimately landed on the idea of sending customers a board game that they could play, and keep.

We built a game reminiscent of CLUE, and used the casino main amenities, staff and themed objects instead of the traditional CLUE mansion. The concept introduced the idea that a priceless piece of memorabilia had been stolen at Hard Rock, and players would need to guess who committed the theft, where and with the help of what item.

We designed the package, the invite, the board and 18 cards that were all printed and shipped to a select 2000 customers.

I personally designed the main floor on the board and all the cards for the game.


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